Do you feel that Mystery Performance is much more than
 just doing ego-centered tricks?

Do you truly want to elevate your understanding 
of what we can offer to our audiences?

Do you want to BE a better Mystery Performer?

Welcome to "Metanoia" an unique video course that can transform your paradigm as Mystery Performer.

Symbols are the language of the mind, and in this powerful new experience of learning you will explore the depths of four specific symbols and all the different implications of each one of them.

If you want different results, you NEED to take different paths. We have enough published tricks, routines and creative methods to achieve different pieces. It is time to explore the ontology of Mystery Performance, and with "Metanoia" you will be able to see deeper and further. 

If you are beginner, this videocourse is a powerful initiation in the power of symbols and how they truly affect everything we do. 
If you are an experienced performer, this videocourse will open new deconstructions and understandings so you can continue your path with new insights and contemplations.

With your order you will receive:

1. Four beautiful (exclusive) wooden chips that you need to use in order to take this videocourse.

2. 4+ hours of videocontent with initial explorations, creative practices and guidelines in your inner work using these symbols

3. A LIFETIME of new content and inspiration via private conversation

If you are ready to transform your mind , Metanoia is for you.

• • •